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 What’s Caterpillar Doing at CES 2024?

What’s Caterpillar Doing at CES 2024?

By Alex Kapper, Caterpillar Electrification + Energy Solutions Director of Strategy and Business Development

CES 2023 was a showcase of mind-boggling tech, from AI-powered hummingbird feeders to diaper-detect baby monitors. Even a mini fridge that doubles as a garden! And yes, a flying car made an appearance. Amidst the sci-fi spectacle, Caterpillar stood its ground, presenting solutions that tackle present-day challenges.

You might be puzzled about why Caterpillar, known for heavy machinery, was at CES. While futuristic gadgets grab headlines, many companies are demonstrating tech that addresses immediate, real-world problems. In 2023, Caterpillar wowed with the most successful mining autonomous vehicle at CES.

Fast forward to next year, and our exhibit will spotlight technologies ready for action—helping customers electrify jobsites, meet sustainability goals, and thrive in a low-carbon world.

Caterpillar Unveils Electric Compact Excavator and Loader at CES 2024

Caterpillar’s exhibit at CES 2024 will spotlight its electric machines and energy solutions within a spacious 9,600 square-foot space.

Central to the showcase will be the battery-driven Cat R1700 XE LHD underground loader, boasting a 16.5-ton payload and a top speed of 11.2 mph. Cat emphasizes the loader’s quick charge time, under 20 minutes, achieved with the aid of two mobile Cat MEC500 chargers.

Accompanying this, the 301.9 electric compact excavator will take center stage. Powered by a Cat 48-volt, 32kWh battery, it offers an approximate 8-hour runtime. The excavator features an onboard AC charger for overnight charging and a DC fast-charging option.

In addition to these impressive machines, the exhibit will showcase the Cat 750V electric motor and inverter, essential components supporting various machines and power systems. Visit CES to witness these cutting-edge technologies in action.

Beyond Batteries

Two standout machines at our CES exhibit will catch your eye: an underground loader with zero exhaust emissions and super-fast-charging capabilities, and a mini excavator with 50% more energy capacity than its peers. Impressive, but sticking a battery in a machine is just one part of the puzzle. Customers need these machines to match the productivity of their diesel counterparts. Electric machines pose challenges: Where to charge? Ensuring power capacity? Managing energy costs? Sourcing lower-carbon energy? Many construction and mining sites lack the infrastructure, making customers hesitant to adopt electric machines.

A Holistic Approach

Cat’s CES showcase goes beyond displaying battery-electric machines. Cat is spotlighting an integrated portfolio of solutions that help customers maximize productivity:

  1. On-site power generation using generators fueled by renewables, solar panels, and hydrogen-powered fuel cells.
  2. Energy storage solutions compatible with diesel, natural gas, or renewable energy for optimal power.
  3. Harsh environment-tested chargers.
  4. Rugged battery packs with built-in telematics.
  5. Inverters optimizing power transfer from generator or battery to the machine’s electric motor.
  6. Digital monitoring and advanced analytics for efficient operation.

No one-size-fits-all solution exists, but we’re confident in finding the right combination for each site. Customers can rely on our expertise to navigate their unique journey to a lower-carbon future.

Learning Beyond Our Industry

While cat showcase their expertise at CES, we recognize the value of learning from others. CES brings together the world’s most innovative minds, making it a prime place to network with potential partners and suppliers. Caterpillar is open to exploring technologies from different applications and industries to better serve our customers.

Join Caterpillar on the Journey

Whether you’re attending CES 2024 or exploring online, visit the Caterpillar exhibit to engage with cat’s team and technologies. If you can’t be there, check our Caterpillar at CES page for an in-depth look. Interested in joining cat team? Explore open positions. Whether you’re a customer, collaborator, supplier, or potential employee, join Caterpillar on the electrification journey. Together, let’s deliver real solutions to real problems in real applications, starting now.

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