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Caterpillar 1805474 Engine Air Filter


The CAT secondary engine oil filter serves as the final safeguard for your engine, enabling it to operate at peak efficiency. The Cat 1805474 Cat Secondary Engine Filter is typically employed to shield your engine from external debris, dust, or particles that could potentially enter the engine area after passing through the primary filter.

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Caterpillar 1805474

It’s a good idea to choose a real Aftermarket Caterpillar 1805474 Filter to protect the machines that make you money.

Dirt is the engine’s biggest enemy, so it’s important to keep your Cat equipment safe with genuine Cat Filter Elements. Cat Standard Efficiency Primary Engine Air Filters are the best choice for regular use, as they provide better engine protection and prevent equipment from breaking down.

These filters last a long time, clean the air well, and are good for the environment. They are also cost-effective. Genuine Cat Filters are designed to fit your Cat equipment perfectly, and they help your machine use air efficiently. A clean filter stops dirt from harming the inside parts of your equipment.

If you keep using Cat Air Filters, your Cat machinery will last longer and work better.

Key Features:

  • Easy and quick to service
  • Better control over dirt, capturing it when you change the filter.

specification for 1805474

  • Efficiency Rating: Standard Efficiency

  • Primary vs Secondary: Primary

  • Seal Type: Radial Seal





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