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Standard Efficiency Cabin Air Filters are designed to keep out dirt, soot, sand, and other contaminants, while also reducing outside odors entering the cab under normal operating conditions.

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The CAT 7T-3519 Cab Air Filter is designed to keep the air inside your Caterpillar equipment’s cabin clean and fresh. It removes dust, dirt, and other particles, making the cabin air better to breathe.

Key Benefits:

  1. Cleaner Air: This filter makes the air in the cabin healthier by getting rid of dust and other stuff in the air.
  2. Comfortable Cabin: It helps make the cabin a more comfortable place to be, reducing allergens and keeping the air fresh.
  3. Lasts a Long Time: This filter is strong and will keep working for a while, so you don’t need to change it often.
  4. Easy to Install: Putting in the CAT 7T-3519 Cab Air Filter is easy, so you can have clean air in no time.
  5. Saves Money: Using a genuine CAT filter is a smart choice. It not only makes the air better but also makes your HVAC system last longer, saving you money on repairs.

Improve the air in your cabin and keep your operators comfortable with the CAT 7T-3519 Cab Air Filter. Breathe better, work better, and make sure your cabin air is fresh and healthy. Choose CAT quality for a better working environment.

specification of CAT 7T-3519

  • Media Type: Standard

  • Efficiency Rating: Standard Efficiency

C0mpatiability of CAT 7T-3519

416 416B 426 426B 428 428B 436 436B 438 438B 446 446B


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