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The CAT secondary engine oil filter serves as the final safeguard for your engine, enabling it to operate at peak efficiency. The 7w-9567 Cat Secondary Engine Filter is typically employed to shield your engine from external debris, dust, or particles that could potentially enter the engine area after passing through the primary filter.

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Choosing real Cat Filters is a smart way to protect the machines that make you money.

Cat 7w-9567 Secondary Engine Air Filter is like the last defense against dust, dirt, and other things that can harm the parts of your money-making machines. They step in to protect the engine when the main filter is being changed or if it’s not working properly, which is really important to prevent damage from bad stuff.

These air filters are strong and built to meet Caterpillar’s tough standards, so they always work well, just like Cat owners expect. It’s because keeping your machines running smoothly and not costing too much to maintain is very important. Cat Air Filters are made especially to keep your Cat machines safe and make them work at their best.

When you use both real Cat Primary and Secondary Filter Elements together, it’s a cost-effective way to make sure your engine stays in good shape and your machines keep working well at the job site.

Key Features of 7w-9567

• Good for the environment

• Lets air flow easily with less blockage

• Acts as a backup filter to keep things clean.


  • Efficiency Rating: Standard Efficiency

  • Primary vs Secondary: Secondary

  • Seal Type: Axial Seal


10 10SU 10U 58L 59 59L 59N D10N
350-A 350-A L 350 L


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