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Caterpillar 7Y-1322 ENGINE AIR FILTER


Is your engine breathing at its best? Introducing the Cat 7Y-1322 Engine Air Filter—a vital component designed to optimize air intake and enhance your machinery’s performance. Crafted with precision, this air filter effectively captures contaminants, ensuring cleaner air for your engine and contributing to superior efficiency. With a durable design and seamless compatibility with various Cat equipment models, the caterpillar 7Y-1322 Engine Air Filter is your reliable choice for promoting engine longevity and sustained peak performance. Trust Cat for cleaner, more efficient air filtration—powering your machinery with every breath.

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Choosing aftermarket Caterpillar 7Y-1322 Filters is an investment in safeguarding the machinery that generates your income.

Cat Secondary Engine Air Filters act as the ultimate defense against dust, dirt, and contaminants that pose a threat to the components of your income-producing machinery. Positioned as the last line of defense, these secondary filters play a pivotal role in protecting the engine during primary filter changes or in the event of a breach, preventing potential damage due to contaminants.

Crafted from durable materials and manufactured to meet Caterpillar’s stringent specifications, these air filters ensure consistent quality and reliability, qualities Cat owners depend on. Recognizing the critical importance of uptime and cost-effective maintenance, Cat 7Y-1322 Air Filters are purposefully designed to safeguard and optimize the power of your Cat machinery.

When combined, genuine Cat Primary and Secondary Filter Elements offer a cost-effective solution for maintaining your engine’s integrity, ensuring prolonged equipment uptime on the job site.

Key Attributes:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Enhanced airflow with reduced restriction
  • Critical role as a backup filtration system

Make the smart choice by selecting genuine Cat Filters, providing not just protection but also efficiency for your Cat machinery.


  • Seal Type: Axial Seal
  • Primary vs Secondary: Secondary
  • Efficiency Rating: Standard Efficiency



330 L 330 LN 330-A 330-A L 330-A L 330-A LN


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