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1R-0750 Caterpillar Fuel Filter – Cross Reference


1R-0750 Secondary fuel filters play a crucial role in defending your fuel injectors and fuel system components from the harmful effects of tiny contaminants. Engineered for excellence, our Advanced Efficiency Fuel Filters excel at eliminating the tiniest contaminants, ensuring the protection of your delicate fuel injectors and preventing premature damage, which could otherwise cost you both time and money.

Distinguished by its exceptional 2-micron filtration efficiency, this authentic CAT filter stands as a testament to quality. While many other companies may offer similar filters, if you’re considering switching from a non-CAT filter to the genuine CAT 1R-0750 model, we’ve compiled a handy list of commonly available aftermarket filters for your reference. Do you require assistance in identifying the right filter for your needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help.

Will Cat 1R0750 fit Fass 150?

Yes, Cat 1R-0750 can be run as the Secondary (2 micron) fuel filter on the Fass 150, and can run the Cat 175-2949 as your Primary (10 Micron) fuel filter if you want. The threads on both these Cat filters are 1′-14.

Is CAT 1R-0750 rated for suction?

Caterpillar 1R-0750 is a fuel filter, not a suction filter.

Does this CAT filter separate water correct?

Yes, but 1R0750 doesn’t have a drain on it.

What is the size of the gasket like diameter of this CAT fuel filter?

The gasket like diameter of this filter is about 2.8 inches.

How many miles will CAT 1R-0750 Fuel Filter last if put it in Duramax?

You can change it every 10,000 miles or so. 

I have a 2002 GMC with the Duramax. I want to convert to the cat filter, but I have the water senor on the bottom. Does the cat 1r-0750 filter use the sensor?

The water sensor is no longer needed with the cat conversion. You can use it with sinister diesel conversion kit. You have to get that or equivalent to run cat filters. At least on an 08 lmm Duramax. Once you disconnect the water sensor, you just zip tie the plug end out of the way. You will not get any codes, check engine or water in fuel notifications. We would recommend the conversion. Filters are much cheaper and at least twice as long on changing them. Usually when we change our filter, we will occasionally lose prime and the truck stalls (within the first minute of starting) and we have to give a few pumps and it’s fine. That is the only issue. That usually goes away in about a week and doesn’t always happen.

Will 1r0750 filter fit a C-15 Cat?

No it will not.

Does this 1R 0750 CAT fit with 2008 duramax?

This CAT 1R0750 fuel filter is NOT a direct replacement for the stock fuel filter on Duramax. Those that have used this filter on their Duramax have added this as a secondary filter or converted their existing stock filter housing with an adapter.

Will 1r0750 CAT filter work on an air dog 100?

This filter will not fit the Air Dog system. 

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